Presenting at the PyData London meetup

Bridging the Gap: from Data Science to Service

Posted by Daniel Moisset 12 months ago Comments

Last week I had the chance to speak at the 32nd PyData London meetup. For those who haven't been there, the PyData London meetup community is the biggest one around (it recently went over 5000 members!). But it's not just big, it's always an opportunity to attend great talks (assuming you get one of the highly contested places) and meet amazing members of the community. The event was brilliant as usual and impeccably organized both by the volunteers and hosts (MAN AHL), a significant feat for a monthly 200+ people event.

My presentation was around challenges found while providing consulting services around Machine Learning and some of the tips we've learned at Machinalis. It's roughly the same one that I presented last year in PyData Berlin (That one was recorded on video if you're interested); I also published the slide deck.

I was also able to attend a talk by Ole Moeller-Nilsson from Pivigo about Finding Planets with Python and lightning talks by Won Bae Suh, Elena Nemtseva, and Katharine Jarmul. I really enjoyed the night, learnt many new things, and had conversations about cool projects at the pub later. If you're in London on the first Tuesday of a month, I recommend you to go. I'm also looking forward to the bigger event of this community next may, the Pydata London conference. Machinalis will be there (through me at least!), so I hope I can meet readers of this blog!

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