More updates in our beta release of The Walnut!

Browse and explore content more easily!

Posted by Daniel Moisset 2 years, 6 months ago Comments

Today marks a new release of, our platform for creating and sharing algorithm visualizations (see our original announcement to read more about it).

The most important thing in this release is that we have started improving the "explore" section, allowing to easily browse existing examples, and the code that was the base of those so you can fork and modify. You can also see how many forks a world has to see which are more "popular". There is more of this coming in the near future: our plans include being able to flag the program executions that you like as «releases» to be able to build your showcase of shareable content, and add searching and tagging functions.

For those technically inclined, I'd also like to mention that a large part of the UI is faster and cleaner now that we are moving towards a single page front-end app architecture. Larger parts of the walnut will be covered by these changes in future releases.

Of course there are a lot of minor additional improvements including cleaner login/signup and social login/sign-up, better error reporting for some problems while designing worlds and visualizations, better support for adding code comments everywhere that code is accepted, SSL improvements, etc.

I hope you enjoy this new release of the walnut and you find it useful to communicate visually about code! Stay tuned for more news!

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