IEPY 0.9 was released

An open source tool for Information Extraction in Python

natural-language-processing, open-source, python, scikit-learn, informationextraction

Your very own MusicBrainz

Importing MusicBrainz RDF dump into Virtuoso OpenSource

open-source, python, code

Quepy talk at PyData Silicon Valley 2014

“Querying your Database in Natural Language”

machinalis, open-source, python, natural-language-processing, pydata, talk

Feature Forge lightning talk at PyData sv2014

our industrial Machine Learning tool in Silicon Valley

machine-learning, open-source, python, pydata, talk

Industrial Machine Learning with Feature Forge

Your intuitions to scikit-learn in just 2 steps

machine-learning, machinalis, open-source, testing, python, scikit-learn, numpy