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Blank check for Machine Learning investments?

Reviewing the process of investment behind the hype of Machine Learning systems

Artificial Intelligence machine learning Data Science Value Proposition

Presenting at the PyData London meetup

Bridging the Gap: from Data Science to Service

Data Science pydata talk software engineering

Integrating Pandas, Django REST Framework and Bokeh

Ajax based Bokeh charts using Pandas and Django REST Framework

Complex web development d3js data processing Data Science django django rest framework numpy pandas pydata rest python

Searching for aliens

Detecting extraterrestrial activity on earth using Python

algorithms classification data processing Data Science Google Maps machinalis machine learning python satellite images opencv

Python for Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA)

Satellite image segmentation and classification in Python

classification code data processing Data Science machinalis machine learning matplotlib numpy python satellite images scikit-learn

Python for geospatial data processing

Satellite Images Classification In Python

data processing Data Science machine learning matplotlib numpy python scikit-learn satellite images classification

It’s 5 o’clock Mate time!

Machinalis is landing in London

machinalis Complex web development Data Science

Data Science on a Team

6 (more) tips on providing quality tailored data science services

Data Science machinalis

Data Science for Hire

6 tips on providing quality tailored data science services

Data Science

How to create a monstrous gazette for relation extraction

Short story on scaling an NLP problem without using a ton of hardware.

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