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Python for Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA)

Satellite image segmentation and classification in Python

classification code data processing Data Science machinalis machine learning matplotlib numpy python satellite images scikit-learn

Optimizing your tests in Django

Tips to make your unit tests run faster

code Complex web development django python testing

Your very own MusicBrainz

Importing MusicBrainz RDF dump into Virtuoso OpenSource

open source python code

Migrating data into your Django project

A successfully applied technique to migrate data into a Django project

django mysql python data migration code

Real-time Django notifications with node.js, socket.io and Redis

How to push notifications to the user of a Django website in real-time regardless of the browser.

python django code open source html5 websockets socketio nodejs redis

Time intervals and testing

How to unit-test python modules that need real date/timestamps

code python testing

Ninja ide 3.0

Ninja-ide 3.0 alpha, cleaning up the architecture.

python ninja-ide machinalis open source code

Reuse and simplicity

A difference of approach between python and c#

python code