Visualizing algorithms: release and share content in the Walnut project!

Now it is easier to browse and share your content

Posted by Daniel Moisset 2 years, 5 months ago Comments

We are proud to keep moving forward with project, a platform for creating and sharing your own interactive algorithm visualizations.

Our latest version makes the content much easier to find: users can flag their favorite visualization as "releases", so the content of the explore section is curated by the community. Also, releases now have a thumbnail preview so it's easy to see what is available.

Each release is shown with all the related source files (describing the environment, the source of the programs that ran, etc). And you can also add a rich text description for your release so you can add explanations, exercises, or links to external resources, like this. So you now have a nice summary screen with all the relevant content to share with the world. And that should be easy now that we also added sharing buttons where you can show off your favorite visualizations in social media or blogs.

And if you blog we also have a new surprise for you: you probably would like to put the content in your blog, but make it easier for your readers to get to see your attractive visualizations. Now you can have the best of both worlds and embed your visualizations right into your posts! Just click on the "Embed" button and copy and paste the HTML snippet into your blog and you'll have something like this:

Finally, as usual, there is a long list (too long to put here) of minor bug fixes and many many small tweaks and usability improvements to make sure you have enjoy the experience of creating your own visualizations. Come and show us some fun ideas to visualize on Twitter on @thewalnutio or in IRC at #thewalnutio on freenode!

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