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My talk in the PyDay in Baradero (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Posted by Carlos De La Torre 1 year, 7 months ago Comments

Last Saturday (Aug. 13th, 2016) I went to a PyDay organized by the Técnica 1 Baradero high school.

I offered to talk about the Python ecosystem, its wonderful community and things like that: non-technical stuff ( slides here, spanish only ). They accepted my talk and even found sponsoring for my bus tickets and a night in a hotel. So after a night trip, two buses and 560 KM later, there I was.

This particular high school, organizing the event, historic in its city, is starting a new technical specialization in software development. Laureano Silva, from the PyAr community decided to organize this event with a couple of objectives in mind. One, of course, was to give the students an opportunity to learn about Python. But also, he wanted to give them the opportunity to share a day with real-life programmers.

An I think both objectives were successfully achieved. If you know any of the speakers: Facundo Batista, Emiliano Dalla Verde Marcozzi or Tomas Zulberti (and even Juan Pedro Fisanotti who joined via hangout for a lightning talk) then you probably know that they are seasoned Python programmers, with tons of knowledge to share. And that’s what it was all about. As in every PyDay, or any Python-community related event, it is all about helping and sharing.

Like Brett Cannon (Python Core Dev) said: “I don’t know about the rest of you... I came for the language, but I stayed for the community.”
Carlos de la Torre

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