Making the case for Jython (again)

Writing PDF reports with Django integrating Jython and DynamicReports

django, java, jvm, jython, python

Moving a lot of data between databases

Using PostgreSQL's COPY command and a custom stream interface to load data from a MySQL query result

data-migration, data-processing, mysql, postgresql, python, data-warehouse

Real-time notifications on Django using gevent-socketio and RabbitMQ

A GeoDjango based site to track incidents in real-time

complex-web-development, django, google-maps, javascript, postgresql, socketio, websockets, rabbitmq, gevent, geodjango, postgis, python

Embedding Interactive Maps into an IPython Notebook

Using HTML widgets to create interactive maps on an IPython Notebook

python, ipython, html5, canopy, pandas, matplotlib, basemap, google-maps, openlayers

Making the case for Jython

A real life example that shows the power of the JVM based Python implementation

python, pandas, natural-language-processing, jython, java, jvm