Making the case for Jython (again)

Writing PDF reports with Django integrating Jython and DynamicReports

django, java, jvm, jython, python

IEPY 0.9.4 was released

An open source tool for Information Extraction in Python

natural-language-processing, open-source, python, scikit-learn, informationextraction

Participando de FLISOL 2015

Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre en Córdoba

talk, python, open-source, machinalis

How to create a monstrous gazette for relation extraction

Short story on scaling an NLP problem without using a ton of hardware.

data-processing, python, crunchbase, iepy, information-extraction, natural-language-processing

Moving a lot of data between databases

Using PostgreSQL's COPY command and a custom stream interface to load data from a MySQL query result

data-migration, data-processing, mysql, postgresql, python, data-warehouse