JSON Web Tokens authentication on Django Channels

A shared whiteboard implemented using Django Channels and JSON Web Tokens

channels, complex-web-development, django, html5, javascript, redis, jwt

Python for Object Based Image Analysis (OBIA)

Satellite image segmentation and classification in Python

classification, code, data-processing, data-science, machinalis, machine-learning, matplotlib, numpy, python, satellite-images, scikit-learn

Don't Buy Machine Learning

A few comments for those who are about to invest on Machine Learning* intensive project

machine-learning, machinalis

Python for geospatial data processing

Satellite Images Classification In Python

data-processing, data-science, machine-learning, matplotlib, numpy, python, scikit-learn, satellite-images, classification

Quick introduction to Django Channels

A brief description of Django Channels and its application on a real-life Django site

channels, complex-web-development, django, geodjango, google-maps, postgis, postgresql, redis, websockets